Why I write?

There are certain moments in our life that we cherish more than others and this is true for everyone. Some moments, some experiences, just stand out above all, and make us think about the same over and over again. The significance of writing a blog is definitely to glorify these moments of utter dominance of the soul over the self, or even the points of grievances, or shocks, or surprises or whatever that beholds us other than the normal mundane stuff. We ignore the ordinary and always look out for the things that are mystical and other-worldly.

The reason why I write, I don’t want it to put it like all the clichés ever heard about it like ‘Writing is my passion’, ‘I want to become famous by writing. Nothing else matters to me.’ etc. I must admit, I wish and stay true to all those clichés. But why I write is a more fundamental question for me and I am gonna treat with so much lightness that it may fly away at the first sign of a breeze. I love writing. And that seems like the biggest cliché of all, which I am not ashamed of saying. Getting into more precise details, I love to type on my laptop keyboard. I like the click of the small sound it produces each time I put pressure; and when I am in a good mood and types faster the individual keystrokes gather up and over lap to create music as if from an orchestra. And I love the music of that, more than hearing the real music. No, that would be a bit exaggerated to say. But I love both anyway.

Just like the way I type to write, I enjoy penmanship in the equal amount or even a little more than that. I just love writing be it English or MALAYALAM, my mother tongue. While typing is setting a symphony, writing using a pen is like doing a painting for me. Not painting, but more like a drawing. And the art becomes more flexible and expressive when I use a fountain pen. There is something novel about fountain pens than the normally use-and-throw ball pens. The difference is like smoking cigarettes and using a smoking pipe for regular use. The emotional attachment you could sum up to a cigarette fades away with its last puff, while the pipe stays. And you give it enough respect and love and care as the time passes. Like a fountain pen. As the times moves forward, it shares the maturity and wisdom we gained through the years.  Its like a long term friendship, or a relationship. And it has got value.

So when I tell about why I write I am definitely obliged to talk about the things I use to write. And why I love them. I own three fountain pens, two of them parkers which I don’t use nowadays as I am not too comfortable with the Parker pens. These parker pens do not change its behavior according to our moods, they are not too flexible. But they should be very comfortable with a person who is rather stable and constant. One day when I acquire that state of stability these Parker pens may love me more than they do now. The other pen, that I normally use more for the last few months is one Reynolds Tinta, a normal pen with cartoon like paintings all over its body. Like children’s pen. But its very smooth and I do appreciate that very much.

So, I love pens, I love papers too, the blank ones for us to fill whatever we wish to, an arena of unlimited possibilities. And I love typing too. I love others reading my scribbling and getting a feed back. I love writing things and keeping it a secret too.

Now one knows why I write!

Now there are hundreds and thousands of topics one could write about, if he/she knows about it. I am here writing about my travels mainly, because as much as I love writing, I love traveling either. And travelling is one of the things I expect myself to take more serious in the coming years. So, these blog posts, these stories may reciprocate and inspire myself to travel more and share the stories here. And I will be concentrating more on the journeys across India, for the simple reason that I haven’t been abroad ever. If I happen to go outside the country, I may share those stories too, if something interesting happens. But for the time being, I will share my stories which you can lean back on your sofas, read and enjoy.  One thing you can be certain is that the way I travel is not as a tourist, but as a mere backpacker, wandering and learning, seeking and exploring, talking with the locals and wondering at the sights, fighting the dangers and running away from threats; and more importantly, I just move on and on…..


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