Follow the cliche: 17 reasons to quit your job and backpack through India

Relax like never before
Relax like never before

Last year,I quitted my job and backpacked to Northern India, the Himalayas, which I cherish as one of the best things I EVER DID IN MY LIFE. The idea of quitting the job and travelling has become a cliche by now, so much that even presenting it as a cliche is becoming a too common thing. Still here are 17 reasons why you should think of and act upon taking the necessary break from your routine life and get your ass moving:

1. You need to get out.


As simple as that. Being in the same place and living a routine life could make you mentally sick. Once in a while, going away to have that fresh air and fresh aromas and fresh sceneries could make you feel better.

2. Your job is not your life unless it’s what you always dreamt of doing.

Yes, the majority of us do not do the jobs we love the most. Most of the time it is just a means to earn a living, having no personal interests in the larger vision. Liking what you do, and improving upon it is a whole different point though. Either way, if you are not supposedly in your dream job or on the way to reaching it, then your job is definitely not your life and quitting it will only make you feel better about yourself; at least until you get penniless.

3. You get enough time to travel around.

Watchin the roaring Ganges at Rishikesh
Watchin the roaring Ganges at Rishikesh

If you take a small vacation and plan to return to your job, the idea of long-term travel won’t work as the pressure of returning on time will constantly poke you. Quitting your job will give you enough time to have your own way of travel, slow and easy.

4. You will be completely focused in the present.

missingmahanikan 7

You have nothing to do going back, thanks to being jobless. That make you less anxious, or some times more anxious, about the future. This helps you completely focus on the present, the only thing you have to worry about.

5. It’s time to stop dreaming and start acting.

How many years will you fool yourself about having that dream journey, you always wanted to have, once you get settled and all. You never gets settled in the way you suppose you will. So it’s better to stop fooling yourself and give it some action.

6. You don’t want to die with regrets.

missing mahanikan 4

What about the hard works and office jobs when finally comes your D-Day and you look back and see that you almost lived the same years over and over again. You see the lack of colors and varied experiences which should have been there. So go out, fill your empty book of life with as much as colors you could fill in.

7. Life is outside your comfort zone. 

The death of the caterpillar means the birth of the butterfly.

8. You learn that the world is not your office cubicle.

The aerial view of Ladakh
The aerial view of Ladakh

How many times you wondered sitting in your office cubicle about what the hell are you doing there, when within you had all this imagination of yourself being an adventurous kind of person, planning to live a life rich with wonderful experiences? And you sit for hours, days, months and years in this cubicle, as if you were imprisoned forever. You are not a caged bird. The cage is always open to set you free, it’s the bird who refuses to take advantage of the freedom.

Jump out and fly!

9. Your beloved ones will show more love towards you when you return.

Yes, seeing you each and every day some of them might have begun taking you for granted, just like you do to others without knowing. Being away for some weeks, and your absence for the time being will make your friends and beloved ones care more for you once you return.

10. You learn to survive.

Unexpected things come on the way
Unexpected things comes all the time

Having all the basic things and a decent job, you have actually forgotten the Art of surviving. Once you hit the road, you will learn to put your comforts in test and learn how important it is to just go with the flow, where surviving is the priority.

11. You might become a Minimalist.

You will find the hard truth about the amount of shit you bought over the years and how little it takes to actually live. While travelling, day by day you challenge yourself in getting your backpack lighter by throwing away the unnecessary things. It will help you maintain a minimalistic approach the rest of your life, an essential attitude required for the survival of our Human race.

12.  You meet awesome people on the go.

Strangers to friends in minutes
Strangers to friends in minutes

I had written about this in my previous blog post (Read: Meeting someone On the Road). The people are important and they make it all worthwhile.

13. You become broad-minded.

The mind-expanding hills of Munnar
The mind-expanding hills of Munnar

Being narrow-minded is a disease. The more you travel, the more open your mind becomes.

14. Travelling makes you a story-teller. 

‘Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller’ – Ibn Battuta

Not just stories. Your stories.

15. You realize:whatever you see on your laptop, mobile and tablet screens is nowhere near the joy of Real-Life experience.

A real sunset is different from a picture sunset.
A real sunset is different from a picture sunset.

Just think about the amount of time we gaze upon our mobile or tablet or computer screens each day. Hours and hours. Even while I am typing this, I am doing the same. We are a generation who sees the world through the screens, every hour of the day. It’s time to take some gap and see how the places you want to travel to looks real like, rather than through the screen.

16. You feel more contented.

You get rid of that constant itching of dissatisfaction you felt at times while sitting in your office, slowly slipping into daydreaming. The only thing you feel discontented about later will be of not travelling again and again.

17. India is simply awesome.

Along the mind-bending Manali-Leh highway.
Along the mind-bending Manali-Leh highway.

Every few kilometres, the landscapes change, the food and costumes change, the culture and characters change. India is a place you never get tired of exploring, and you could never finish having it completely in a lifetime.

So, give it a try. Quit your job and travel, at least once in your life. Trust me, it’s not all good, but it definitely will be enriching.

Have fun.


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