Of All The Dreams….- A Poetic Adventure

Of all the dreams I have ever seen,
Searching for you remains my favourite.
Through the last rains of the season, and the first fall of the snow;
Through the scorching heat on the barren mountains so high,
And the forest trails filled with footprints of strange creatures.
I searched for you all through the way, even the lands so foreign to me.
I searched for you even within, on all the corners of seamless darkness.
Of all the dreams I have ever seen,
never had I been so desperate before.
Through the muddy path that soaked my feet wet,
Through the parting sands which slowed down my walk;
Through the narrow mountain passes with deep gorges aside,
And the hanging bridges with roaring rivers beneath.
I searched for you on the green meadows filled with grazing sheep,
And the sand dunes that changed its shapes with unforeseen storms.
Of all the dreams I have ever seen,
never I lost sense of reality so much before.
Between the seas from either sides leaving only a narrow path for one to walk,
Among the running crowd who gives nothing but a sense of urgency,
Along the nothingness that lay until the horizons,
as I stray from one town to another of odd survivals;
Between the moon that rose above the snowy peaks and the sun that set on the other side hills.
Of all the dreams I have ever seen,
never once before I desired not to wake up again.
In search of you,
I walk the downtrodden paths again.
To meet with you, to share stories with your listening heart.
To gaze the stars together,
And to finally let you know, for you-
I am not just an other random soul…
– Wander Maniac

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